"It Was Sunny the Day I Killed Her" Already Selected by Nine Film Festivals

From the winner of the Atlantic Film Festival's Kodak Best Short Award for "I'm 14 and I Hate the World." 

IT WAS SUNNY THE DAY I KILLED HER has already been chosen as an official selection by nine festivals since the film's release four weeks ago.

The film festivals include one of the most renowned overseas film festivals in the world, a fest selected by Variety as one of the "50 Unmissable Film Festivals." 

"I am about to turn 68, and nothing I have ever seen has had such a profound effect. I have to watch this again and again. Thank you." 
-Linda Russell

"Gorgeous and terrifying." - Tony Burgess

"Yes, I killed her a thousand times. One of the most touching works of art I have ever experienced. Thank you so much for this film. Every woman should see it and every man should hear it.
-Dorcas Kelland-Klartoft