Skin Hound

Why did William Merriam murder his wife and children? What sets him on a trail of perverse destruction that transgresses what is thinkable in human behaviour?

This is a dark, frightening, controversial book about a man who skins his victims, and is merciless toward himself.

"Harvey is the bone man flaying things bare. Beware, beware, no one has woven a circle around him thrice."— Barry Callaghan, author of Barrelhouse Kings

"Kenneth J. Harvey is both funny and ferocious... He is one of Canada's best, and certainly the country's bravest, writer."— Paul Quarrington

"Kenneth J. Harvey is a literary high priest and a moveable feast; a warlock, a sudden shock; the rhyme, the reason, a master of treason— one of Canada's most volatile and valuable resources."— Lynn Crosbie, author of Dorothy L'Amour


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